Jubilee Corporation and Indelec’s Prevectron 3 Revolutionizing Lightning Protection in Pakistan

In the dynamic world of lightning risk management, Indelec stands as a pioneering family-owned group dedicated to innovation and safety at height. Since 1955, Indelec has been at the forefront, maintaining production processes in France and establishing a global network of subsidiaries. The Lightning Innovation and Research Institute (LiRI) by Indelec, with its forward-looking research team, empowers the company with unparalleled R&D capabilities.

The Prevectron 3, launched in 2015, is a groundbreaking product that redefines lightning rod technology. Certified by international organizations such as Bureau Veritas and Underwriters Laboratories (UL), it introduces the OptiMax technology, neutralizing space charges and enhancing lightning rod performance for improved protection reliability.

The modular design of the Prevectron 3 allows for the replacement of damaged modules without dismantling the entire lightning rod. Compliance with international and French standards, including NF C 17-102: 2011, ensures the product’s quality and reliability.

Jubilee Corporation, recognized as the authorized exclusive distributor of Indelec products in Pakistan, plays a pivotal role in bringing this cutting-edge technology to the region. With a commitment to quality and excellence, Jubilee Corporation aligns seamlessly with Indelec’s values. The collaboration ensures that Pakistan benefits from the world’s most accredited Early Streamer Emission lightning conductor, endorsed by UL and subjected to rigorous testing in various conditions.

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