Introducing Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCB) in its portfolio

Jubilee Corporation is pleased to share the addition of Farady Electric’s Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) in its portfolio. The VB4P Series MV Vacuum Circuit Breaker is applicable for three-phase AC Power Systems of rated voltage upto 24kV with frequency 50/60Hz. The applications include power distribution and transforming systems of power stations, power generators and secondary substations of mines, industries and infrastructures.

The VB4P-12(24) VCB fully meets the requirements of IEC-60694 and several other international standards like GB, DL, DIN and VDE. Further, the VCB is fully type-tested as per IEC and GB standards. It is equipped with modularized spring operating mechanism which has characteristics of more convenient maintenance, rapid replacing of parts and more reliable performance.

The VCB adopts embedded poles with the vacuum interceptor with the low resistance.  The primary main electrical circuit are cast in insulating cylinders by epoxy resin. This structure gives VCB a more reliable insulation. Moreover, it reduces the power consumption and temperature rising due to long time running of VCB.

All of the mechanism’s surface of VB4P-12(24) is disposed with special process and self-lubricating technique. This way, the VCB’s rust-resistance capability and operating performance improve, making the VB4P VCB a perfect choice for humid and hot regions.

Farady Electric is a specialized manufacturer of MV Switchgear, MV/LV AVRs, Transformers and other HT equipment. For further product related details and queries, you can reach out to Jubilee Corporation’s Sales and marketing teams or visit our website.