Jhal Magsi Gas processing plant revived

The leading exploration and production state owned company, OGDCL (Oil and Gas Development Company Limited), has decided and taken steps for the revival of the Jhal Magsi Gas project which was previously halted. The main purpose of revival of the Jhal Magsi project is to meet the increasing energy requirements of the country which are not being completely fulfilled due to shortage of work on resources.

This gas processing plant will be able to positively effect the increasing energy needs of the country as it has the capacity for the production of 13.7 MMSCF processed gas and 45 BBL/day condensate. In this way, the project will lessen the overall pressure of energy consumption and negative load on the country and prove highly effective in this regard.

OGDCL has also been looking forward to improve the general lifestyle of the community of Jhal Magsi as they have been putting forward a series of social welfare initiatives in the categories of education, health, water and infrastructure. For instance, OGDCL has made sure a smooth provision of ambulances to the community for the District Headquarters Hospital in Jhal Magsi.

Moreover, a reverse osmosis (RO) plant has also been installed by the company to provide an uninterrupted supply of clean drinking water as it is the most significant necessity. The company has been actively participating in the betterment of the state and the district by producing ways to meet the energy requirements as well as focusing on the community lifestyle initiatives.