Jawad Electric gets WAPDA approval for SİGMA ELEKTRİK Breakers

Mr Asad Butt. Director Corporate Sales at Jawad Electric talks to Engineering Post

Jawad Electric is one of the leading organizations of Pakistan involved in the imports industrial and domestic supplies. The company was founded in 1985 as a trading entity but has since become one of the largest importers of Pakistan.

Engineering Post recently had an exclusive conversation with Mr. Asad Butt who is working as the Director of Corporate Sales at Jawad Electric. Mr. Asad Butt revealed that over the years Jawad Electric has evolved according to the needs of the time “Previously we were working as resellers for different companies but that status impeded us from participating in large projects. Then with time we decided to launch a competitive brand in the market which is SİGMA ELEKTRİK. Now Alhamdullilah after about 3 years we are getting very good business from SİGMA ELEKTRİK,” he said.

Jawad Electric has now become the sole distributor for SİGMA ELEKTRİK all over Pakistan and is now gaining significant market share for their product. SİGMA ELEKTRİK is a renowned Turkish company which serves both Turkish and world markets with its domestic production.  Thanks to the power that comes from its expert staff, SİGMA ELEKTRİK serves Low Voltage Switchgear Products sector, mainly with Low Voltage Circuit Breakers, Automatic Fuses, Low Voltage Current Transformers, Low Voltage Contactors and with other various LV Protection and Measurement Devices, in seven regions of Turkey through its dealership network; and through its distributors in more than 65 countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

During the conversation when asked about the main hurdle for doing business in Pakistan Mr. Asad Butt said “The only problem we faced was the lack of approvals for our products. Our system is designed in such a way that you need separate approvals for WAPDA, Military and other institutions. But now after an effort of almost 2 years we have been granted approval for our breakers and transformers from WAPDA. Now it is getting a lot easier to generate business from different entities in Pakistan,” he said.

Another important factor highlighted by Mr. Asad Butt during the conversation was the price point of the products “The client is very concerned about the price of the product as with high volumes even the small differences in price translate to a large amount. We are working to ensure that we provide the lowest price with the best quality in the market for all competitive products,” he said.

SİGMA ELEKTRİK has a good reputation in the market. As it is a Turkish brand it adheres to European standards as opposed to Chinese products. This also increases the confidence of the user due to its reliability.

While commenting on the recent ban on imports and how it has affected the businesses in the country Mr. Asad Butt the Director Of Corporate Sales at Jawad Electric said that for now it has not been an issue but in the long run things can get difficult if import ban is not lifted timely “We have been very fortunate in this regard because we had a good amount of stock available while none of my competitors had any stock. This lead to increase in sales and we currently have enough stock for another 3 months by which time we are expecting that the import ban would be lifted,” he revealed.