IT services export worth $2605 million in last financial year

Engineering Post Report

Pakistan earned US $ 2605.340 million by providing  different Information Technology (IT) services to various countries around  the globe during the financial year 2022-23.

However, this is  little less by 0.53 percent as compared to US $ 2619.100 million  earned by rendering  IT services during the previous financial year 2021-22, according to figures now available.

During last financial year, the export of computer services had grown by 0.08 percent as it surged  from US $ 2109.370 million during previous fiscal year  as compared to US  2110.990 million during the period under report i.e. 20222-23.

Among the computer services so rendered/provided, the  exports of software consultancy  services witnessed a decrease of 4.36 percent from US $ 795.464 million  while the exports of  hardware consultancy  services, however,  increased by as much as 87.97 percent  from US $ 2918 million to US $  5485 million.

The exports of other computer services  increased  by 0.09 percent going up from  US $ 743.149 million to US $ 743.850 million.

The export of information technology services increased by 5.54 percent  by going up   from US $ 5230 million to US $ 5520 million during the period under  report.

The export of telecommunication services  decreased by 3.11 percent as these went down from US $ 504.500 million to US $ 488.830 million during the last financial year as compared to the previous fiscal year figures.