IT Park to be established at Karachi

Govt has decided to set up a much needed IT Park at the metropolitan city of Karachi. This was revealed by Federal Minister for the IT and Telecommunication Aminul Haq while addressing a meeting with traders at Karachi Chambers of Commerce and Industry (KCCI). During the meeting he revealed that the IT Park will be built adjacent to the Karachi airport and land worth Rs 31 billion has already been acquired from Civil Aviation Authority with ground breaking to be held by mid-June.

While speaking about the development of the IT sector in Pakistan he said that he has set an ambitious target of $15 billon IT exports in the next five years, to meet this target the government has decided to engage the Universities to help generate skilled professionals in the IT sector. Every year, around 26,000 IT graduates enter into the market, and of them only 5,000 to 6,000 join IT sector. “We have taken on board the academia. Now different universities are going to offer degrees on artificial intelligence, cyber security, 3D printing animations, etc.”

He said in order to improve connectivity; the IT ministry has invested some Rs 60 billion across the country. “We are enhancing 1.4 million 4G penetration in the country every month. Today, we have signed a contract to lay down fibre optics at the cost of Rs 5 billion which will connect 1,367 towers across Larkana, Badin, Jamshoro, etc.” he said

The IT Park will house about 210 IT companies with almost 8,400 employees, and a multi-story building. It will cover an area of 106,449 sq. m, with eight floors above ground and three basement floors. The building will also have offices, conference rooms, a day-care centre, amenities, and a parking space.