Islamabad IT Park to be completed soon

During a meeting regarding Information Technology parks presided over by Prime Minister Shehbaz Shareef, the Ministry of Information and Technology informed that the project of Islamabad IT Park will be completed next year with the cooperation of South Korea.

The ministry highlighted that the Islamabad IT Park will help in the provision of startups, incubation centres, banks, restaurants and other facilities. It was further informed that a total of 43 software parks have been established covering 29 cities of Pakistan. In 2025, 100 new e-employment centres and 10 new software technology parks will be established across the country.

The premier said that the establishment of IT parks is a progressive step in terms of the promotion of the country’s growing IT, increasing IT exports, and provision of facilities of start-ups. He directed that the construction work of Islamabad IT Park should be completed as soon as possible and ordered the conduction of a third-party evaluation regarding the performance of software technology parks.