International consortium to invest $50 Million in housing sector of Pakistan

The Sustainable Housing Ecosystems (SHE) has announced that it will further invest $50Million in the housing sector of Pakistan in the next three years to provide homes to middle and lower middle class of the country. The consortium has already invested 50 million dollars to make 3000 houses in Pakistan.

This was revealed at the roundtable conference by the theme of “Resilient and Sustainable Housing for All: Delivering for People and Planet’. The goal of the event was to bring together key players in the housing industry and work towards building environment-friendly projects across Pakistan.

The participants of the event noted that Pakistan has one of the lowest housing finance to GDP ratio of 0.25 percent compared to 3 percent in Bangladesh, 11 percent in India and 70 percent in EU. They observed with concern that around 30 percent, i.e., 65 million people in Pakistan are facing houses shortage and need around 10 million homes indicating that there is huge potential for investors.

SHE is a joint consortium between Altair, AMC and Trellis. Altair, a UK-based organization, provides high quality, creative solutions to the varied and dynamic challenges facing organizations in housing and they have delivered over 50,000 homes in addition to being the enabler of millions more homes in private and public ownership. AMC has developed sustainable and affordable housing projects across multiple cities in Pakistan. Trellis Housing Finance Limited provides Shariah complaint housing finance to people who are traditionally not catered by the current financial institutions in the country.

Directors of Altair, Emma Ahmed & Ian McPherson OBE, the CEO of Trellis, Jamshed Meherhomji and the CEO of AMC, Jawad Aslam hosted the Chief Guest, Iftikhar Ali Shallwani, the Secretary Ministry of Housing & Works and other representatives from the Ministry of Housing & Works and key executives from IFC, Faysal Bank, Central Business District (CBD) Lahore, Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA), SECP and Zayn Capital attended the event.