Information Supply Chain Management Session by Mr. Sheikh M Irfan, Hosted by IEP in Collaboration with IEEEP Karachi Centre

The Institution of Engineers, Pakistan (IEP), in collaboration with The Institution of Electrical & Electronics Engineers Pakistan (IEEEP) – Karachi Centre, hosted a transformative session on Supply Chain Management led by the esteemed Mr. Sheikh M Irfan, a seasoned trainer and consultant with over 30 years of corporate wisdom. The event took place at Hotel Regent Plaza, Karachi, on Saturday, 10th February.

Mr. Irfan Sheikh, brought his extensive experience to the forefront, addressing the evolving landscape of supply chain management in the context of the global economy, technological advancements, and the continued growth of the service industry worldwide. With a focus on coordinating SCM with other organizational functions such as engineering, finance, and HR, Mr. Irfan emphasized the need for a holistic approach to business management.

The three-hour session catered to the needs of middle and senior management professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of supply chain management, procurement, warehousing/logistics, forecasting, operations management, and the role of technology in the supply chain. Prominent figures present at the event included Engr. Abdul Rahim, Vice Chairman IEP and Principal Engineer Modtech, Engr. Asim Murtaza, Ex. Managing Director, PPL, Engr. Sohail Bashir, Chairman, IEP, Engr. Khalid Pervez, Chairman, IEEEP, Engr. Munis Iqbal, Vice Chairman, IEEEP, Engr. Ishtiaqul Haque, and Engr. Maqsood Jan Mohammad, Professor at Sir Syed University.