Information and Communication Technology Sector

Engineering Post Report

The dynamically evolving Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) hold critical  importance for fueling the country’s economy  by acting  as a catalyst of change and  enablement  across all other sectors.

The Telecommunication market in Pakistan  is open and de-regulated , offering level playing field to all operators.

The sector was de-regulated way back in 2003 after the promulgation of the De-Regulation Policy. Resultantly,  two new cellular mobile licenses were awarded to M/s Telenor and M/s Warid through open auction. Later on, China Mobile  acquired Paktel and started providing  mobile cellular services.

Additionally, multiple Long Distance & International  (LDI) and Local Loop licenses were also granted to local and international companies. Frequency spectrum  was also auctioned to different companies  for Wireless Local Loop (WLL) operations.