Improvement in hydropower generation expected

Moonis Elahi, the federal minister of water and power resources presided over a meeting with the representatives of WAPDA along with their chairman at the ministry of water resources. There, he was given explanation about the plans that WAPDA and the authorities have for the development of water power and hydro electricity expansion.

He said that the government of Pakistan is ready to take major steps to develop the already under work hydro power projects and sign up and start working on new projects to increase the overall water storage and reservoirs and get major gains in the sector of electricity and water supply.

He also stated that the government recognizes the importance and need of water and power resources of the public and aims to improve all the systems and meet all the demands that are left over to ensure the betterment in the living conditions and lifestyle of the people of the country.

For this purpose, approximately 10 projects are being foreseen under the program of Decades of Dams which include Diamer Bhasha Dam, Mohmand Dam, Dhasu hydropower and K-IV project. These projects are supposed to be completed one at a time and will prove to be extremely beneficial as these may increase the total water storage capacity from 13 million acre feet to more then 24 million acre feet along with an overall rise of 9000 MW of electricity. It will also help the conditions of water supply of the country as a total of 950 million gallons of water will be provided to Karachi and Peshawar. WAPDA will complete these projects as soon as possible.