IEEEP Symposium 2024: Spearheading Engineering Excellence and Innovation in Pakistan

Premier Forum Welcomes Ideas in Electrical, Electronics & Allied Engineering Disciplines

The Institution of Electrical & Electronics Engineers Pakistan – IEEEP Karachi Center is extending a cordial invitation to engineers, researchers, consultants, and experts across various sectors to contribute to the forthcoming 38th IEEEP Multi-Topic International Symposium and present their latest researches, advancements, and innovative solutions. Scheduled to take place on May 8th & 9th, 2024, at Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi, Pakistan, this symposium presents a premier platform for the exchange of ideas and innovations in the realms of electrical, electronics, and allied engineering disciplines.
Anticipating the attendance of over 300 professionals, including CEOs, senior engineers, and international delegates, the symposium aims to provide a comprehensive platform for the presentation of research papers and technical discussions. With diverse participation from various sectors such as consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, utilities, public sector organizations, and academia, the event will span two days, featuring multiple technical sessions covering topics crucial to Pakistan’s business, industry, and engineering landscape.
The symposium aims to promote the dissemination of knowledge and elevate the professional standard of engineers. It extends an invitation to members and professionals to engage in discussions, debates, and proposals on issues relevant to the engineering profession.
With a rich history spanning four decades, IEEEP holds the distinguished position as Pakistan’s leading institution representing professional Electrical & Electronics Engineers from both industry and academia, with a substantial membership from engineers in public sector utilities. Over the past four decades, the IEEEP has played a pivotal role in addressing numerous technical challenges of national significance, cementing its pivotal role in the country’s engineering landscape.
The symposium welcomes papers and presentations on a wide array of subjects, including Energy Market Analysis, Planning, & Transition; Electrical & Energy Management Systems; Renewable Energy & Sustainable Development Goals; Trends in Electricity Generation, Transmission & Distribution; Trends in Utility Sector & Smart Grid Infrastructure; Advancements in Electrical Machines & Equipment; Electronics Platforms in Industry 4.0 & 5.0 Technologies; Industrial Automation & Control Systems; Emerging Technologies in Telecommunication; Emergence of Health-care Systems for New Vistas; Convergence of Technologies for Enhanced Systems; and Strategic Management of Assets & Projects.
For engineers and authors eager to contribute or seek further information, please reach out to the Convener Technical, Engr. Rizwan Ahmed Ansari (, Ph: +92-333-0228535) or Co-convener Technical, Engr. Zeeshan Ali (, Ph: +92-333-3777467).