Huawei partners with Systems Limited to build a better Digital banking system

A major software company, Systems Limited and a widely renowned mobile phone and technology accessories developer brand Huawei signed a document of alliance in order to develop and provide better and more efficient online banking services for the general public as the customer demands and requirements start to shift quickly towards a more efficient banking system. Both the companies aim to provide services that are completely progressive and beneficial for the support of customers as their needs and demands are fulfilled successfully.

Systems limited has been playing a very positive role in advancement and progress of digital technology by taking part in various projects and building different initiatives in Order to achieve their goals. The CEO, MD of systems limited Asif Peer and CEO of Huawei Cloud Shahzad Rasheed were a part of the signing ceremony. “We are visualizing a disruption and growth in the digital banking landscape of Pakistan to support business innovation in this new era. Banks are rapidly moving towards digital transformation, and we will be working closely to ensure refined customer management, channel optimization, and diverse ecosystem-wide collaboration. With partnerships such as this, we are on the right path of establishing a comprehensive global digital transformation strategy”, said Mr Asif Peer while addressing during the ceremony. Shahzad Rasheed shed a light on the importance of cloud technology in the digitalisation of the country.