How HVACR consultants can add value to projects

A conversation with renowned HVACR consultant Engr. Safdar Ali Mughal

For the past few years the HVACR industry of Pakistan has been growing consistently. This has led to the introduction of many new players in the market be it local or international. New technologies are also being introduced to cater for the different requirements of the projects according to their level and scale. In such times when there is a plethora of brands and technologies available to choose from the pivotal role of guiding the clients falls on the shoulders of HVACR consultants. The HVACR consultants make sure that the client gets maximum benefit from their investments while adhering to the requirements and demands of the client.

Engineering Post had the opportunity to talk to Engr. Safdar Ali Mughal, a renowned HVACR consultant in Pakistan with more than 40 years of experience in the field. Engr. Safdar Ali, CEO of Safdar Ali and Associates has worked on many landmark projects in Pakistan including the project of Peshawer library, MCB tower Multan, DG Khan Cement factory and office buildings located at Hub and many more.

While talking to Engineering Post he explained how every product is not suitable for all kinds of projects “Our people need to understand that there is no one fit-for-all product. For example VRF and split ACs might not be efficient in a large scale projects. Similarly people need to trust the professionals and install compatible products”.

During the conversation when the point of increasing the utilization of Made in Pakistan products came up, Engr. Safdar said “Our local industry has the capability of producing world class products but sometimes due to cost cutting from the client’s side, the substandard local products are utilized which ultimately break down after some time and besmirch the name of local products,”. Further clarifying his point he said “It has been my experience that when the client is a contractor/developer he is inclined towards cost cutting while on the other hand when the owner is involved himself he chooses quality over low cost” he added. Furthermore he suggested that the government should levy heavy taxes on the import of products so, these can be manufactured in Pakistan. “That is the only way to discourage imported products and encourage local manufacturing”, he said.

Engr Safdar Ali has also been very vocal in his demands for the establishment of a local Research and Development lab in the country. “I have also discussed the importance of an R&D facility in the country with Pakistan HVACR society. I have also offered to fund the project because such a facility/lab is the requirement of the whole country right now”.

During the conversation, Engr. Safdar Ali also highlighted the presence of unprofessional consultants in the market “There are many black sheep posing as consultants in the market. With no professional background or experience they offer low costs and sometimes end up winning projects which almost always leads to problems in the future,” He suggested that the Pakistan Engineering Council and other regulatory authorities should look into curbing this menace of fake consultants in the market for the benefit of clients as well as other professionals. “Having a bad experience with an unprofessional consultant leads the client to believe that all local consultants might be unprofessional and leaves a very bad impression in the market. The authorities should work towards discouraging such fake consultants from actively participating in biddings and projects,” he said.

Engr. Safdar Ali highly appreciated the role of Engineering Post in the promotion of engineering industry of Pakistan.