Housing & Works Division executing 201 old and new development schemes

Engineering Post Report

The Housing and Works Division of the Federal Government  was executing a  large number of 201 minor and major ongoing and new development  schemes in a phased manner during the current  financial year. The Housing and Works Division was perhaps among one of the Federal Ministry/ Division of  the Federal Government continuing implementation and  launching such large number of development schemes.

Out of these, 89 schemes were already being implemented in phased manner over varying period and 111 were in the process of being launched during the current financial year in different parts of the country for execution in phased manner.

Ongoing development schemes were being  implemented and were at varying stages of their completion at a total estimated cost of Rs 81556.748 million including no foreign aid . Against this, an estimated total expenditure of Rs 43788.284 million was reported to have been incurred on the whole by end June 2023.  Against a throw-forward of Rs 37791.455 million,  these were being implemented with an allocation of Rs 13856.288 million with no foreign aid  during the ongoing financial year.

New development schemes were estimated to cost Rs 37605.593 million with no foreign aid and being launched and executed at an allocation of Rs 26821.734 million  during financial year 2023-24.

Details of ongoing and new schemes  will be mentioned some other time, please.