Honesty with customers is the key to Success

A candid conversation with Mr Khushnood Ahmad Sheikh CEO, Al-Madina Electric

Al Madina Electric Corporation is a well known electric supplier and distribution company in Pakistan working in the field of electric solutions and distribution of products for a very long time. Established in 1966, the company has since then been working on supplying the best quality products to their clients and gaining their trust through honesty and hard work.

Engineering Post had the opportunity to interact with the man behind all the success, the CEO of Al Madina Electric, Mr. Khushnood  Ahmad Sheikh. During the conversation he explained how after starting on a minor scale, the company rose to levels of massive heights and standards after developing a concrete bond with their clients strengthened with trust and satisfaction of the consumers.  “The reason behind our success is the honesty with which we have always done hard work to satisfy our customers,”

During the conversation he revealed that Al Madina Electric has been working on binding the market together by collaborating with major names in the market.

The economic situation, in the country has been very chaotic in the past few months, which has resulted in extreme economic instability and a sense of uncertainty in the market. When asked about his insight regarding the future of the country he said “The government desperately needs to increase an overall economic market cap action in this regard needs to be taken on war footing. The local suppliers should take advantage of this opportunity to and increase the production quality of their products to decrease the client complaints and increase the scope of locally made products,” he said.

Replying to a question regarding the ban on various imports in the country, Mr. Khushnood Ahmad said that consumers need to trust the companies that are making quality products within the country and stop importing goods unnecessarily. “We need to realise that our survival is dependent upon decreasing our imports and shifting to locally made products but at the same time the quality of local products needs to be increased as a sub-standard product cannot be of any use to the consumer,” he explained.

Our increased reliance on imported products is also due the inability of local industries to produce many products. This combined with an import ban can be a difficult combination for a developing economy like ours. “I believe that a blanket ban on all products is doing more harm than good because it has resulted in halting many on-going projects. The government should open supervised imports of products which are not yet locally produced and at the same time work towards developing local manufacturing facilities for such products,” he said

By the end of the conversation he said that although times are tough right now but things will eventually get better as this time passes “We need to understand that we should not be hopeless as there is always a bright side at the end of the tunnel. These times are tough but I believe that everyone should keep working with honesty and steadfastness towards betterment of our country,” he concluded.