Honda motorcycles being exported to international markets

Atlas Honda group has achieved a remarkable feat by completing exports of 12,000 motorcycles and accessories worth $2million to the international markets.

According to the details issued by the group, the breakthrough reflects acceptability of Pakistan made auto parts products in the international markets. “The company is looking at more export markets for motorcycles and parts in future.”

This is an extremely positive development for Pakistan as the increasing trend of export oriented growth will help decrease our trade deficit and will move us towards sustainable growth.

Afaq Ahmad, representative of Atlas Honda was quoted saying that new parts and models are under study for their suitability for export. Evaluation criteria place special emphasis on parts having potential of becoming part of the global supply chain.

As the acceptability of the locally manufactured motorcycles increases in the internationally it can boost the motorcycle industry of Pakistan.

Achieving this export target has only become possible due to the high level of localization and technology transfer from Japanese companies like Honda, Hitachi, Denso and GS Yuasa. Afaq reiterated the resolve to increase its efforts on the export front adding that with the right government support and market access efforts, the auto industry and parts manufacturers have a good chance to explore more international markets