High speed internet now available at K2 base camp

The Special Communication Organization of Pakistan has installed a mobile tower at the base camp of K2.

The first-ever high-speed cellphone tower at the base camp the second-highest peak in the world will help facilitate mountaineers and tourists in communication. In addition to providing cellular network in the vicinity the tower will also provide high speed internet 4G to the consumers.

Earlier, the mountaineers used to have satellite phones for communication which were unreliable and difficult to operate, add this to one of the harshest weather conditions on the planet it resulted in extreme difficulty in communication.

Rescue operations, including the one following the disappearance, and later death, of Muhammad Ali Sadpara and two foreign mountaineers at K-2, faced extreme difficulties due to lack of proper and timely communications.

The official account of Special Communications Organization @hq_sco shared images of the tower with the tweet “Our 4G reach is now in K2 base camp & Concordia glacier. The mobile coverage & internet access will prove to be a highly monumental & pivotal source for mountaineers and trekking groups to stay connected with their families and assist in emergency situations!”