Haroon Impex Revolutionizing Plumbing Solutions in Pakistan

Mr. Haroon Amin from Haroon Impex talks to Engineering Post

Haroon Amin, together with his son Asim Haroon Sheikh, leads Haroon Impex, a distinguished import trading company in Pakistan. With a primary focus on introducing the most innovative plumbing technology, Haroon Impex has garnered a reputation for providing cutting edge solutions to the market.

During a recent conversation with Engineering Post Mr. Haroon Amin, owner of Haroon Impex said “Our goal at Haroon Impex is to revolutionize the plumbing industry in Pakistan by introducing cutting-edge technology that was previously unavailable.

A significant achievement for Haroon Impex was the introduction of the first PP sewerage piping system in Pakistan. Renowned for its soundproofing and ability to withstand high temperatures, the Georg Fischer SILENTA PREMIUM piping system has proven to be a game-changer in the industry.

In addition to the innovative PP sewerage piping system, Haroon Impex offers a diverse range of pipes for hot and cold-water supply. Setting themselves apart from the competition, they provide PP-RCT pipes sourced from Georg Fischer, Turkiye. “Our PP-RCT (polypropylene random copolymer with modified crystallinity) pipes are designed to meet the most demanding requirements, offering superior performance in terms of temperature resistance, thermal expansion, and flow rate while at the same time being extremely quiet,” explained Haroon Amin. “We believe in bringing the best to our customers, and the PP-RCT pipes are a testament to that commitment.”

As the official dealer of Georg Fischer in Pakistan, Haroon Impex ensures that all imported pipes and fittings meet rigorous international standards. “Quality is non-negotiable for us,” emphasizes Haroon Amin. “We understand the importance of reliability and durability, especially in high-rise buildings and complex structures. That’s why we only offer products that are certified to meet the highest standards.”

Beyond pipes, Haroon Impex also specializes in offering solutions for modern bathrooms, driveways, and sewage systems. Their range includes stylish linear drains for bathrooms, drain channels with gratings for driveways, and non-return valves for sewage lines.