Haier AC Empowering the Education Industry in Pakistan

IQRA University, a private university in Pakistan, has its campus mainly located in Karachi, a city that has an average temperature of over 32℃ for 10 months of the year due to its proximity to the tropical zone. The long-term operation of air conditioners occupies about 40%-50% of the university’s energy consumption on buildings. Therefore, it is increasingly necessary to upgrade building and reduce energy consumption.

Recently, Haier’s MRV-5 and Round-way Cassette were successfully installed at the Iqra University in Pakistan. Haier Commercial AC has once again empowered the education institutions in Pakistan relying on its professional air solutions and powerful spare parts support.

With the help of the full DC inverter compressor, full DC fan, and the large-area heat exchanger, Haier MRV 5 has greatly improved system operation efficiency. And its quick cooling function can bring a comfortable experience to classrooms and other large spaces to the greatest extent. Additionally, its specially customized centralized control system can realize the real-time monitoring and partitioned control, etc. of the whole campus to maximize energy saving.

At present, Haier CAC has established cooperation with many universities and has set up many reference projects in Pakistan. Looking into the future, Haier CAC will continue to innovate and empower the education institutions around the world.