Guddu 747 MW GT-14 incident CEO GHCL requests to reconsider decision

Muhammad Imran, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Genco Holding Co Limited (GHCL), has reportedly accused Power Division for deliberately holding him responsible for M/s Guddu 747 MW GT-14 incident. This accident has caused a loss of over Rs10 billion to the national exchequer. In a letter written to Power Division entitled “directions of Power Division for action against CEO GHCL under inquiry committee report regarding GT-14 of 747 MW, CCPP, Guddu”, the CEO GHCL has been suspended with immediate effect. However, the Board of Directors (BoD) GHCL was advised to hold Efficiency & Discipline (E&D) inquiry against him for failing to supervise/monitor the operations of CPGCL.

The 747MW Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) Guddu was commissioned in December 2014. It consists of two gas turbines (GT-14 and GT-15, GE USA manufacture) and one steam turbine (ST-16, HEI, China manufacture). On February 7, 2021, ST-16 tripped on over-flux and GT-14 was desynchronized. On Feb 12, 2021, operation of GT-14 was stopped by the CPGCL management due to abnormal turbine behavior. To discover the actual cause of the problem, GE experts started a “borescope inspection on Feb 14, 2021” and the CEO CPGCL sent the “incident report” of this event, along with the “Borescope Inspection Report”, conducted by GE to GHCL on March 4, 2021. A committee was made to find out the actual issue. A detailed report was submitted with the recommendation to start work on repair of GT-14.  As,  he was not serving as CEO, GHCL, an inquiry committee under the convenorship of Dr Niaz A Mernon, Chief Technical Officer GHCL was constituted by GHCL on August 16, 2021.  According to CEO, he resumed duties as CEO, GHCL on September 13, 2021, at which time the arrangements for repair and rehabilitation of GT-14 were under way. Though without scheduled meeting being held, the CEO has been suspended by BoD, thus CEO has requested the Secretary power to review and recall the order against him.