Grand Hyatt Hotel to be built at Islamabad

After facing a number of controversies and opposition for the past few years the fate of One Constitution Avenue Islamabad has been decided. BNP Pvt Ltd has agreed to revive its agreement with Grand Hyatt to build a five star Hotel at One Constitution Avenue.

As per a press release regarding the matter, the agreement was revived between BNP CEO Abdul Hafeez Sheikh Pasha and senior management of Grand Hyatt in Dubai. Both parties have agreed on the terms and conditions of the contract revival for launching of 5-star luxurious hotel in Islamabad. Under this agreement, BNP would work swiftly to materialize the reality of Grand Hyatt Hotel in Pakistan.

In August 2016, the CDA had cancelled the lease of the plot meant for the Grand Hyatt Hotel because the developer had instead built residential apartments and sold them to many influential people. The CDA argued that One Constitution Avenue falls within the Margalla Hills National Park area where residential apartments couldn’t be built and should be demolished.