Gradual rise of exports in various industrial products

A remarkable rise in the exports has been witnessed rationing around 27.41 in the first quarter year of 2021with a bunch mark of $4.420 billion compared to $3.469 billion during the same period of the last fiscal year. On monthly basis, exports and imports data released by the PBS revealed that textile group has witnessed 1.69 percent growth and remained $1.487 billion in September 2021 compared to $1.462 billion in August 2021. The yearly comparison depicts a rise to around 25.01 percent in September 2021 linking with $1.189 billion in September 2020. Moreover, the Cotton yarn exports registered a growth of 69.30 percent during July-September 2021 and remained at $288.617 million that increased by 72.08 percent in September 2021. Raw cotton exports witnessed 100 percent decline on month-on-month basis as well as on year-on-year basis. The petroleum domain witnessed an increase of 97.28 percent as it reached $4.592 billion in July-September 2021 compared to $2.328 billion during the same period of the last fiscal year. It registered 14.29 percent negative growth in September 2021 and remained $ 1.505 billion when compared to $ 1.756 billion in August 2021. The Construction sector machinery imports have witnessed growth of 23.48 percent during the July-September and remained at $38.635 million; a rise from $31.289 million during July-September 2021. The country’s trade deficit has been widened by 102.10 percent from $5.817 billion by 73.65 percent in September 2021.However, the main commodities of imports during September 2021 were: petroleum products Rs106,932 million, medicinal products Rs77,003 million, petroleum crude Rs73,276 million, natural gas, liquefied Rs62,717 million, palm oil Rs52,792 million, plastic materials Rs42,531 million, iron and steel Rs40,154 million, mobile phones Rs35,126 million, iron and steel scrap Rs32,266 million, and power generating machinery Rs31,920 million.