Govt urged to treat wind and solar power as actual power generation source

A statement has been stated by Prof Dr Nasim Akhtar Khan, former vice-chancellor of Hamdard University at a seminar on solar energy organized by Goodwe Pakistan. He has suggested that government should treat wind and solar power as the main sources of power generation as hydrocarbons are actually the alternative means of power production in the country. Considered being a pioneering figure of clean electricity in Pakistan, Dr Nasim Akhtar has passed his solid suggestion in his last seminar. As pressure group comprising of the concerned quarters in the society should be formed to lobby for maximum utilization of renewable resources of electricity generation, which will harvest fruitful results in multiple ways. Since, in Pakistan, nobody takes ownership of the solar and wind energy projects in the country whereas government fully owns the power plants that generate electricity through conventional means. In past, Dr Akhtar’s efforts have led to the identification of Pakistan’s first wind corridor from Jhimpir to Gharo in Sindh some 21 years back. Even today, many industries in Pakistan are willing to switch to alternative resources to energize their industrial units as power utilities while distribution companies are no more a reliable and affordable option to get the power supply for industrial consumption.