Government releases over Rs 14 billion to fund housing projects under PSDP 2022-23

The Pakistani government has released funds amounting to over Rs 14 billion for
the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2022-23 to execute 113
different projects aimed at ensuring the availability of affordable residential
facilities. The total allocation for these projects is around Rs 18.7 billion.
According to official data, out of the total authorization and disbursement of Rs
14.2 billion, approximately Rs 3.2 billion has been utilized on housing sector
projects during the first seven months (July-January) of the current fiscal year.

The budgetary allocation included Rs 12.3 billion for 107 ongoing projects and Rs
1.7 billion for six new schemes. The PSDP document specifies that an amount of
Rs 523 million has been earmarked for the rehabilitation and construction of
roads in Hyderabad City (20 development schemes). Additionally, an amount of Rs
486 million has been set aside for the construction of metalled roads in different
areas of District Bahawalpur (24 development schemes), while Rs 406 million has
been specified for the construction of black top roads in Purana Duki and Rabbat
villages, District Duki.

One of the new development schemes that received an allocation of Rs 1 billion is
the rehabilitation and construction of roads in the SITE Industrial Estate in
Karachi. With these funds, the government aims to ensure that affordable
housing is available to the people of Pakistan, especially those living in low-
income areas, and to provide better infrastructure and connectivity to various
parts of the