Google pledges to provide 45000 Artificial Intelligence Scholarships to Pakistan in 2024 

Report by Engineering Post

Google has pledged to continue  supporting Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Pakistan by providing as many as 45000 scholarships for Google Career Certificate during 2024 and has also introduced two new programmes for empowering Pakistani freelancers and women.

It may be pointedly stated here that Pakistan is home quite appreciably to the third largest freelancing economy in the world and it was important to ensure that the country’s  freelance talent continues to remain competitive, especially  in today’s rapidly evolving digital environment the world over.

This year, Google has developed a programme in partnership with the Pakistan  Freelancers Association which aims at helping the  freelance community in Pakistan to address challenges around soft skills areas  such as personal branding, and communication skills. Up to 50 thousand Pakistani freelancers as such can  benefit from the programme being taught by Google experts.