EV charging stations installed along Motorway

The Electric Vehicle (EV) owners of Lahore and Islamabad can now travel on the motorway without fear of running out of battery as EV charging stations have been installed along motorway.

The charging stations have been locally designed manufactured and installed by a Pakistani company Tesla Industries working in the electrical sector. The EV chargers have been installed at old CNG stations just on the periphery of M-2 Motorway at Bhera and Pindi Bhattian. One has to take the exit at Bhera and go to the CNG station to recharge his vehicle and then enter the Motorway from the other toll. Same is the case with the commuters intending to charge their vehicles at Pindi Bhattian.

Both the stations equipped with one 120 kWh charger (it takes 40 minutes to fully charge a 70 kWh battery) and one 60 kWh charger (it takes more than an hour to fully charge a 70 kWh battery). Both the stations have executive lounges for the commuters to rest and refresh while their vehicles gets the charge.

95% work on another EV charging station for GT road is also complete which is being established at Hardees Gujrat.