Goldwind Solution Factory launched in Pakistan

Goldwind Corporation is a popular multinational company dealing in wind turbine manufactures and is based in Beijing. Recently, they have launched a solution factory in Pakistan which is focused on the development of reliable and noteworthy solutions regarding wind power and power plants in the country. Quite a few representatives from the Energy sector of Pakistan were a part of the event related to opening of the factory. They included Imtiaz Sheikh, Sindh minister of Energy, Chinese Economic and Commercial Counsellor to Pakistan Yang Guangyuan and business development manager of Goldwind, Mirza Umar.

Mirza Umar introduced the company formally, described their portfolio and highlighted the necessity of the launching of this factory by emphasizing on its positive effects. He stated that the aim for this solution factory is to increase and promote the use of local technology.

According to Yang Jianyong, the service director for Goldwind, the solution factory structure will also include a repair and training centre which will prove to be a basis for provision of proper technology and enough manpower for local wind power plants.

Moreover, the performance of Goldwind and their initiative on manufacturing of a localized solution factory in Pakistan was praised by the CEO of Tapal Wind Energy, Adnan Tapal, who showed high hopes for the growth and progress of wind energy sector in Pakistan despite the challenges that will be faced during the process.