GGL to manufacture long-life super capacitor batteries

Ghani Global Limited (GGL) has announced that it is stepping into the manufacturing of sophisticated technology for enhancing energy storage efficiency through production of in Pakistan.

GGL has initiated a joint venture with M/s Kilowatt Labs Inc., New York, USA for the completion of this project. A project launch ceremony was also held in Islamabad.

By initiating the manufacture of long-life super capacitor batteries Pakistan will be able to tap into a global energy storage technology market which is projected to increase 2.5-4 terawatt-hours (TWh) annually by 2030. According to the Report on Energy Storage Market of December 2020 of the US Department of Energy’s Research Technology Investment Committee, the global market consists of two types: stationery and mobility/transportation markets; and the combined market estimated to grow three to five times the current 800-gigawatt-hour (GWh) on annual basis. The rapid decrease in battery storage costs and increased variable renewable generation has led to a surge in market deployments of energy storage across the global electrical (stationary) and transportation (mobility) sectors.

Currently in our country the energy storage market is very underdeveloped. The country faces frequent power outages, unreliable transmission infrastructure and low efficiency storage alternatives. The introduction of super capacitor energy storage solutions by GGL which have a life of approximately 5 years, will massively improve the usage of green and alternative energy technologies in the country.

In addition to usage in transportation sector these batteries will have application in the transmission & distribution of Microgrid, long duration industrial storage purposes, EV Charging infrastructure, uninterruptible power sources (UPS) for data centers, warehouses, telecom towers and military/security purposes.