FPT targeting 4 times increase in sales in Pakistan with Powerzone Engineering

Mr. Fabio Rigon, VP commercial operations FPT talks to Engineering Post

Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT) is one of the largest companies in the powertrain sector working across the globe with more than 10 plants in 9 different countries and around 20,000 employees globally. The company is a part of Fiat Group Automobiles which produces world renowned cars including Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Ferrari, Jeep, Lancia, Maserati, Ram Trucks, and SRT. FPT has partnered up with Powerzone Engineering in Pakistan for the distribution of its commercial generators and is giving tough competition to the already established brands like Perkins, Cummins etc.

During the Middle East Energy Expo, Dubai, Engineering Post had a detailed conversation with Mr. Fabio Rigon VP commercial operations FPT. Mr. Fabio while talking about the partnership with Powerzone said “It took us more than four years in finding the right company for our brand but after our partnership with Powerzone Engineering, we are extremely satisfied with our choice,”

FPT is providing a very reliable brand of generators at competitive prices in Pakistan. Under the current economic situation the price of the product has become a very import factor for consumers. While answering a question related to this Mr. Fabio said “We believe that price is a leverage you can use against the competitors, but it cannot be the unique selling point of the product. You need more technical characteristics to properly sell a product like products from FPT provides economical fuel consumption, longer maintenance cycles and longer life of the product. All this when combined makes our product very attractive for our customers,” he explained.

FPT with Powerzone in Pakistan is gaining massive popularity with the passage of time. Due to the reliability of the product and its ruggedness, it is extremely suited for the environment of Pakistan. “This is an extremely robust product with a very low maintenance requirement. We even have engines in the field with more than 20 thousand hours of working time which is why the acceptability of our product is very high. Moreover we offer 430 kVA and go up to 600 kVA which is a very broad portfolio and cannot be matched by out competitors” explained Mr. Fabio.

During the exclusive conversation with Engineering Post, Mr Fabio revealed that FPT spends more than 5 percent of the annual revenue on Research and Development of the products “FPT spends a huge amount of money on R&D and we are not only working on new fuels and new products but also on the current products and finding ways to make them more reliable and efficient for the end user,” he said.

While speaking about the plans for the future for FPT in Pakistan Fabio Rigon VP commercial operations for FPT said “We are devising strategies to increase our sales volumes by 3-4 times in the next couple of years with Powerzone Engineering. Moreover FPT along with Powerzone will arrange seminars and workshops all across Pakistan to increase awareness about the product and introduce it to new clients,” The reliability of FPT generators and its cost effectiveness as well as the broad range of strengths available in the market is making it a brand of choice for the users in Pakistan.