Four new project proposals to be discussed for phase II of CPEC

The ministry of energy is ready to put forward four new proposals for developmental projects that will aim to bring huge financial investments from China. These proposals will be a part of the detailed discussion to be done in the JWG of the phase II of CPEC. The proposals are likely to bring investments worth billions of dollars and include coal gasification for fertilizer plants, strategic underground gas storage (SUGS) and Gawadar petrochemical industry park.

For the purpose pf enabling of coal gasification, a complete feasibility study will be required which will cover both the economic as well as the technical aspects of the project. Help from Chinese experts will be received for the study and construction of a practical framework and relevant stakeholders like OGRA and the Sindh government will also be consulted. The project is likely to be completed within a year.

Some of the challenges that will be faced during the completion of the project include water availability, building of new pipelines, the magnitude of investment required and profitable return and a fairly large capital outlay.

The feasibility plans for SUGS project were brought to a stop due to lack of enough gas for the completion of the project, but due to the recent availability, planning is being reviewed by the Asian development Bank for the progressive completion of this project as well.

The Pakistani government is also ready to materialize the investment offer made by Siot Centico and Chinese SOE consortium for the Gawadar petrochemical and industrial park project development. The investment will be received on business to business basis. NDRC approval is required for the project to be initiated. The construction will be located at Pasani, about 85km from the existing Gwadar Port. The length of the coastline will be 8 kilometres and it will be based on a land pf 1000 acres.