Four new industrial zones in Balochistan

An official representative of the provincial government of Balochistan conversed with Associated Press of Pakistan and highlighted the work being done for the progress of industrial sector of the province.

The government recently decided in favour of establishment of four new industrial zones which will be located in Dalbadin, Chaman, Muslimbagh and Turbat. These measures are being taken to improve the provincial business and industrial sector and increase and provide stable job opportunities for the general public. Moreover, enhancing the business capability of the area will provide a reliable environment for investors to work in the sector.

The government of Balochistan has already allocated lands for industrial zones and the development work is expected to be initiated in the near future according to the government official.

He also stated that the initiation of these industrial zones will be able to provide stable employment opportunities for approximately 300,000 locals and its benefits are likely to be observed very soon.

Lately, 3732 km of roads have been constructed by the government to provide a supportive transportation system for the betterment of local goods transport as well as for non restrictive commutes of the general public.