First ever stitching units installed in the WECs

The inauguration ceremony for the first ever stitching and processing unit for Women Empowerment Centers was held in Islamabad by the Federal Ministry of Poverty Alleviation and Social security collaborating with the Turkish International Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TICCA). The federal minister Shazia Marri along with the Turkish Ambassador in Pakistan Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul and his spouse were a part of the ceremony.

Shazia Marri said that the government of Pakistan has always been looking forward to uplift women by offering such opportunities and it will play a very positive role in the economy of the country.

The WECs are a part of Pakistan Bait ul Mal (PBM) and stitching units will be brought into the WECs for alterations, finishing and other necessary purposes and the products will be sold on a commercial level.

The event will prove to be a step forward towards the financial independence and economic stability of women and serve as a means for self reliance and progress. Federal minister paid tribute to the working women while saying that the government looks forward to bring women to the mainstream to ensure economic stability in the country. She also appreciated the PBM-TIKA joint efforts for the betterment of poor women. While addressing on the occasion, the Turkish Ambassador acknowledged the PBM’s steps towards empowering the women of the country. He also made sure that the partnership will be reliable and sustaining and also shared positive remarks about his experience while working for the betterment and support of the country.