Fire & Gas Disasters – Causes & Remedies

Far too frequently there are accidents involving fires, toxic chemical and gas releases, which cause massive disasters and loss of property, investment, damage to the environment and quite often loss of life. 

The reasons for these disasters range from human error, incorrectly designed/installed detection systems, a lack of proper detection systems or the continued use of old, out of date technology, incorrect or no maintenance at all or a poor level of training and awareness of preventative maintenance of the detection systems.

Any one or a combination of these issues can lead to a disaster. So what is the answer? It is to be proactive and invest in suitable safety systems that will protect you, your colleagues, the plant and the owner’s investment.

There are specialized detectors which can quickly detect the smallest flames and gas leaks, which can lead to a major fire, explosion or loss of life if not detected. The latest technology also enables the detector to do a lot of the work for you, so reducing the time and the risk of maintaining detectors in hazardous areas.

Fire & Gas Detection System

The Fire and Gas detection system is only available as part of a K-Safe system. The fire and gas detection system provides early and reliable detection of fire or gas, where such events may occur, alerts personnel and initiates corrective actions either automatically or manually upon operator activation. The system consists of field mounted detection equipment to process the input signals in accordance with the applicable Fire Protection Data Sheets or Cause & Effect charts.

The latest Fire and Gas detectors from MSA – The Safety Company, incorporates revolutionary state-of-the-art technology, which both increases the level of safety and at the same time reduces the owner’s overall cost of ownership (CAPEX + OPEX costs). Investing in the latest technology will be better than investing in the clear up and compensation pay outs after a disaster.

MSA offers a complete portfolio of solutions, to be able to offer multiple layers of protection, which increases the probability of early detection in all environments and for all applications as below:

  1. Gas detectors (Point Gas Detectors, Open Path & Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors)
  2. Flame detectors (For hydrocarbon-based fuels and Hydrogen – UV/IR, UV/IR + H2, Multi IR)
  3. F&G Control systems
  4. Self-contained detection and control systems – HVAC and other specials sample systems

Brief description and features of the selected products are stated as below:


1: X5000 and S5000 Gas Detectors

MSA developed their new & improved Point Gas Detectors after years of R&D, based on VoC (Voice of Customer) and incorporated several key benefits in their products to improve the level of safety they provide and reducing the OPEX costs:

  • Fail-safe point gas detectors (H2S and CO), meaning a fault signal will be initiated if the gas cannot be detected due to sensor issues or if the inlet becomes blocked.
  • Self-calibrating sensors (H2S and CO) allowing manual calibrations to be extended up to 24 months
  • Long life XCell sensors of over 5 years, lowering the cost of ownership for various sensors
  1. Open Path Infrared Gas Detector

Model General Monitors® IR5500


The General Monitors IR5500 is an open path IR gas detector that provides continuous monitoring of hydrocarbon gas concentrations. The system consists of an IR source and receiver which continuously monitors for light hydrocarbons in both the 0 to 5000 ppm meter and 0 to 5 LEL meter range. A 0 to 2000 ppm meter and 0 to 1 LEL metre range is also available for monitoring heavy hydrocarbons. The IR5500 provides two 4 to 20 mA analog signals proportional to each of the above ranges, in addition to a digital display and relay contacts. The IR5500 is easily aligned using the digital display and adjustable mounting arms, therefore it does not require any bulky setup equipment (e.g. digital volt metres, handheld alignment aids). The IR5500’s sensitivity can be checked by placing a test gas film in front of the receiver. The IR5500 is calibrated at the factory and needs no further calibration. It also requires little maintenance save for a periodic visual inspection, test gas film check, and cleaning of the windows to assure dependable performance.


Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector


The OBSERVER-i is the world’s first Third Generation ultrasonic gas leak detector and is equipped with Artificial Neural Network (ANN) real-time broadband acoustic sound processing technology. This technology is based on extensive studies and real recording of gas leak sounds and industrial background noise from a wide array of industry sources over the years. The ANN algorithm has been “trained” with these recordings to automatically distinguish between unwanted acoustic background noise and dangerous gas leaks.




A UV/IR flame detector combines an ultraviolet (UV) sensor for quick response and an infrared (IR) sensor that monitors radiation emitted by a hydrogen flame. This combination offers increased immunity, operates at faster speeds and is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. 


Chillgard® 5000


The Chillgard 5000 Remote Display provides gas monitor information before room entry where potentially hazardous gas levels may exist. This unit is easily installed adjacent to entry ways or walls outside of the monitored area. Workers can easily be alerted by the audible alarm and read the monitor status to know the alarm conditions inside the room prior to entry. The Remote Display provides an additional level of hazardous gas detection and communication.

Exclusive Partners in Pakistan

Exclusive Partners of MSA/ General Monitors in Pakistan

Descon Engineering Ltd is the sole and authorized channel partner of MSA in Pakistan catering to all Fire & Gas Detection requirement in Oil & Gas, Process Industry, Chemical Industry, Fertilizer Plants & other industries and major projects.

Further details can be reached out by visiting MSA website, or contacting Business Development of Descon at 18 Km Ferozepur road Lahore. Phone # +92-42-111 DESCON (357 266) Extns: 811 / 832