Faisalabad Chapter rendered full support to 29th PHVACR Expo

Mr. Shahbaz Khan, Chairman Faisalabad Chapter

Mr Shahbaz Khan, Chairman of the PHVACR Society’s Faisalabad chapter ensured  maximum participation from local members in the HVACR expo. Recognizing the importance of engaging professionals in the industrial hub of Faisalabad, efforts made to rally support from various stakeholders.

Collaborative efforts with local chambers of commerce, including chamber meetings and engagements, have been instrumental in garnering participation from Faisalabad’s business community. The industrial nature of the area, coupled with a significant presence of professionals and engineers, underscores the potential for substantial involvement in the expo.

Appreciating the efforts of the PHVACR Society Lahore Chapter, Mr Shahbaz Khan acknowledges Lahore as an ideal venue that serves as a central point for the entire Punjab region. However, he expresses a desire for Faisalabad to host a similar-scale expo in the future, emphasizing the need for an expo centre in the city to facilitate such events effectively.

In line with promoting local manufacturing, arrangements have been made for a “Made in Pakistan” expo to be held in Faisalabad, further highlighting the city’s significance as an industrial hub.

Mr. Shahbaz Khan Chairman Faisalabad chapter PHVACR Society extends congratulations to the entire team for their diligent efforts in organizing a successful expo. He commends the hard work of the Chairman of Lahore chapter as well as other members involved, in engaging reputable companies and securing numerous stalls, contributing to the event’s overall success and significance.