EP Shanghai 2022 live streaming platform proudly kick off the EP22 New Product Week Series 2”  

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Jointly organized by China Electricity Council (hereinafter “CEC”) and State Grid Corporation of China, co-organized by Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., “the 31st Shanghai International Exhibition on Electric Power Equipment and Technology (EP Shanghai)” and “the 23rd Shanghai International Exhibition on Electrical Equipment”will be hosted on 1-3 December 2022 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. EP Shanghai in 2022 will mark a record high in its exhibition scale, it will welcome 1,300+ exhibitors and brands from China as well as around the world. It includes Industry-leading brands such as Schneider Electric, ABB, Siemens, CYG, TBEA, Murge, Rocoi, Acrel, Changshu Switchgear, Minghan Electric, Daqo Group and Kelong etc.   Alongside the expansion of EP Shanghai this year and closely connecting people in the electric power industry, EP Shanghai will join hands with exhibitors, associations, industry experts, and media to launch a series of incredible online activities this year. Built on the success of the【Brand Power · New Product e-Gallery】debut at EP Cloud Platform, EP Shanghai joined hands with  Siemens introducing the blue Gas Insulated switchgear(GIS) last week. Implementing blue-GIS with clean air realizes a fluorine-free solution that not only eliminates greenhouse gas emissions but also fulfills the goal of carbon neutrality. At the end of the product’s life cycle, clean air can be released into the atmosphere without causing greenhouse effects. Siemens’ experts shared the advantages of the new technology and  answer questions from audience during the live broadcast on the cloud. It received active participation from many outstanding professionals in the electricity power industry, with nearly 2418 platform visitors and 500 viewers in the live broadcast section.

In addition to the above exciting e-Gallery series, EP Shanghai has announced to kick off its “EP22 New Product Week Series 2”. EP Shanghai has been working closely with exhibitors and professionals to provide a more comprehensive online service and a better exhibition experience. The participating exhibitors include: 

Shenzhen China Electric Power Technology Co. , Ltd. ( Hall N1-1D51)

CET smart Zero-carbon Management Platform

Through their software platform and consulting service model, they assist enterprises in managing their carbon emissions at every stage of the planning, construction, and operation processes, assisting them in achieving quantitative carbon emission management, guiding their trading decisions, assisting in energy savings, emission reduction, and achieving the zero-carbon goal.  

CNC Electric group Co.,Ltd.  (Hall N1-1D61)

Electric meter external automatic reclosing small circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is installed outside the power meter and used in conjunction with the power meter. A power meter can be used to switch on and off the circuit breaker. The status of the circuit breaker is transmitted back to the power meter by wired or wireless signal.

Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. (Hall N3- 3A06)

CL Series : New Generation of High-End Micro LED Micro Pitch Display Products  

A combination of all-black coating technology and black calibration technology allows for excellent display effects with a single black surface, high brightness, and sharp contrast. The CL series has features such as moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-bump, anti-oxidation, anti-static, anti-blue light which can be used in high-end conference rooms, control rooms, radio and television studios and other indoor application scenarios.

New HC Series: Professional Indoor Small Pitch Display Products

The new HC series is a small-pitch product developed specifically for indoor display, covering a number of mainstream point spacings, with dazzling color HD, thin and light design with high security and stability, especially for control rooms and studios and other applications that require high display effects.

Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co.,Ltd. ( hall N3- 3G41)

Industrial/Industrial Wide-temperature/Automotive eMMC

The unique equipment condition monitoring system enables users to check the operating status and life progress of memory devices at any time through standard commands. This facilitates timely maintenance and advance warning to ensure the safety of equipment and data. They are widely used in vehicle recorders, car DVRs, central navigation and other terminal equipment.

For more information about the exhibition, feel free to contact Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd or visit the EP Shanghai website at www.EPChinaShow.com

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EP Shanghai is jointly organized by China Electricity Council and State Grid Corporation of China and Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. Since its launch in 1986, EP exhibition was held in Beijing and Shanghai rotationally. Starting from 2020, the show is held in Shanghai annually. EP exhibition is recognized as the leading electric power and electrical exhibition in China, extensively supported by major power group corporations and power grid corporations of China. It is also the only electric power event in China that is endorsed as a UFI Approved Event and recommended by The Ministry of Commerce of PR China since 2013.

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