Offering Lightning and Surge Protection Systems, and Earthing solution with IEC compliant tools

Energy Management Solution by JUBILEE CORPORATION

Energy Management has grown more important over the time with escalating energy costs and regulations surrounding energy industry. Energy performance when monitored and controlled intelligently yields major competitive advantages to organizations, such as reduced energy wastages and maximized energy savings, minimized operational expenditures, and supports environmental sustainability.

Jubilee Corporation (JC), with its experience of almost 30 years in the Energy Management domain, provides the comprehensive solutions for monitoring, control and optimization of energy consumption. The company also assists industrial professionals in making a detailed analysis of their energy consumption to define parameters and accordingly allocate investments capable of reducing costs significantly.

JC with its partnership with Lovato Electric, provides a wide range of products including energy meters, power analyzers, synchronization controllers, automatic transfer switch controllers and power factor controllers. The company also offer industry 4.0 compatible energy management software, Synergy, for monitoring energy vectors online and in real time.

Synergy is a web-based supervision and energy management software by Lovato Electric. It provides all the functionalities needed to monitor and manage electrical energy systems simply and effectively. The software, with the facility to log all the parameters and generate custom reports, is a valid support for the activities envisaged in ISO 50001 and the energy monitoring activities demanded for energy audits. While installing Synergy, JC ensures that it is properly integrated into the existing management systems of their customers.

Jubilee Corporation is one of the leading importer and stockist of Switchgear, Automation, Instrumentation and Control components, working in several areas of Electrical, Electronics and Automation technology products in Pakistan. JC is the leading supplier of switchgear components to various shopping malls, skyscrapers, housing/residential projects, commercial projects, and industrial sector including various textile, chemical, food, packaging, pharmaceuticals and cement industries in Pakistan. The company focuses on serving all its stakeholders and community at large.

The company is regarded as one of the most trust-worthy names in the industry when it comes to providing customers with technical sales and after-sales support. Keeping customer service as the prime objective, JC facilitates one-to-one communication and on-site assistance to its customers to resolve queries, provide customized technical solutions, and carry out maintenance activities, in support of all the their products and solutions.