Energizing 2024 Schneider holds Seminar on Sustainable Power for a Dynamic Future

Schneider Electric “APC” recently hosted a significant event in Karachi, dedicated to empowering Datacenter, Building & Industry customers with sustainable and efficient solutions. The event provided a platform for team of Schneider Experts to showcase innovative solutions aimed at enhancing resilience and sustainability for the future. With a focus on market trends and customer queries, the event highlighted Schneider’s commitment to sustainability and efficiency, fostering active engagement from the enthusiastic audience. The event was a galaxy of reputable professionals from the industry. The interactive nature of the seminar actively engaged the audience.

During the event, Mansha Brothers & Awan Distribution Officials were awarded with the Appreciation Awards for their exceptional contribution as a distributor and partner in Schneider’s sustainable journey. This recognition reflects Schneider’s deep appreciation for their dedication and support.

This event marks another step forward in Schneider’s collective efforts to drive positive change and shape a more sustainable future for all.