Efficiency and Reliability with Farady’s VB4 VCB for Medium Voltage Applications

Farady Electric, founded in 1999, is a specialized manufacturer of medium voltage power transmission and distribution equipment. In Pakistan, Jubilee Corporation is a well-trusted name for offering Farady’s medium voltage solutions.

Farady’s VB4 Series MV Vacuum Circuit Breakers are applicable for three-phase AC Power Systems of rated voltage up to 24kV.

The VCB is equipped with a modularized spring operating mechanism which has characteristics of more convenient maintenance, rapid replacement of parts, and more reliable performance.

The VCB adopts embedded poles with a vacuum interceptor of low resistance. The primary electrical circuit is cast in insulating cylinders by epoxy resin. This structure gives the VCB a more reliable insulation. The Farady VCB has reduced power consumption and temperature rise.

The arc quenching mechanism of  VB4 VCB is treated with a special process and lubricative technique. It improves the rust-resistance ability as well as operating performance. This allows the VCB to perform with full efficiency in hot and humid regions.

The VB4 VCBs fully comply with the requirements of IEC-60694 and several other international standards like GB, DL, DIN, and VDE. Further, the VB4 is fully type-tested as per IEC and GB standards.

Farady Electric also provides a Protection Relay, available upon request. The Protection Relay enables prompt response against fault or any abnormal conditions. It monitors all necessary system parameters. In case of any fault, the protection relay signals the VCB to trip and isolate the system in anticipation and prevention of fault. The protection relay also provides built-in ground fault monitoring and auto-reclosing options.

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