E- Vehicle Charging regulations revised

National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) revised the energy provisions and charging infrastructure regulations for E- Vehicles according to the instructions given by Prime Minister Shehbaz Shareef. The technical committee of NEECA has approved the new Energy Conservation Building Code after its presentation.

Various government departments were involved in the development of this code as technical committee experts from all different government departments across the country were a part of this process. Different experts from the field of academia also reviewed the code after its development in order to add value and incorporate modern research.

This energy conservation building code includes building envelope optimization, passive design of buildings, building insulation, retrofitting of existing buildings to convert them into energy efficient ones, monitoring devices for energy analysis, renewable and geothermal energy potential in buildings, and energy management systems.

The implementation of this code will ensure the reduction of overall energy demand of the building sector which will ultimately result in the saving of millions of public funds. This code is also designed to promote the construction of environment friendly buildings and induce the thought of more environmentally friendly options while construction.

The Managing Director, NEECA while addressing the topic, stated that Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Regulations are developed to ensure the protection of customers, reduction in the load on main grid and efficient charging facilities.