Direction of Pakistan’s Exports

Engineering Post Report

In order to boost Pakistan’s exports and explore new markets around the world and changing the pattern of exports to the same markets year after year, a number of measures are being taken at the appropriate level in the right earnest.

Efforts are underway to explore new markets especially in ASEAN and Asian regions having unexplored potential.

Pakistan has also taken initiatives through the Commerce Ministry of Look Africa Policy. Trade ties between Pakistan and African countries will create jobs, facilitate economic growth and reduce poverty. Ministry of Commerce’s initiative Look Africa Policy fully backed and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has started showing positive results though the pace is bit slowly but there are indications of acceleration in trade relations of Pakistan with more and more African countries.

Prior to Look Africa Policy and other initiatives to boost Pakistan’s exports , major exports market for Pakistan for years together have been USA, China, Afghanistan,  Britain, Germany, United Arab Emirate (UAE), Bangladesh,  Italy, Spain,  France, among other countries.

Pakistan also attaches great importance to its bilateral trade relations with other trading partners which are briefly are China, Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Central Asian Republics and Africa among others.