Digitization process of Pakistan moving on a fast track

Report by Engineering Post

Pakistan is fast moving towards digitization in order to keep pace  with the technological developments and innovation  taking place  around the world almost on a  daily basis..

Pakistan is going to have its first Digital City located in Haripur district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa spanning over 11 acres costing Rs 8 billion. It is  planned to be fully operationalized by 2026..

First of its kind in Khyber Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, named Pakistan Digital City, it will  serve as a specialized  technology zone facilitating  the establishment of up to 4000 IT startups..

Punjab Government has announced establishment of the first-ever IT City in Lahore spanning over 853 acres of land near Pakistan Kidney Liver Institute It was estimated to cost Rs 100 billion. The provincial  government wants to complete it on a fast track possibly to be completed towards end of 2025.

So, the country is going to have its first-ever Digital City as well as IT City in the next couple of years if all goes well.