Digital Government Summit held

Communication app being developed for government employees

Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication hosted the Digital Government Summit at Aiwan e Sadar Islamabad. This was the first of its kind of summit focused on innovative technologies transforming the public sector powered by Google.

Tech Valley, a strategic partner on digital transformation with the Ministry of IT is working on bridging the gap between the government and the tech giants. Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication Syed Aminul Haq while addressing the summit said that the extensive work is being done on developing a digital communication app for government employees which will be able to work just like Whatsapp.

The government is also focused on introducing new technologies and is working on development of infrastructure required for 5g in Pakistan which is expected to be rolled out for public by December 2022.

While sharing the government’s vision of a Digital Pakistan, he said his ministry would collaborate with Google Cloud and TechValley in adopting the cutting-edge technology in areas including block-chain technology, artificial intelligence, finding industrial solutions and building smart cities.

Managing Director Google Cloud for Asia Pacific Paul Wilson, in his video address from Singapore, said Google was collaborating with public agencies to support economic development aligned to the situations, especially during Covid-19. Head of Managed Services Providers Google Sean Lim also joined via video-link