Development of Port City Gwadar

Engineering Post Report

The federal government has announced Industrial Incentive Package for businesses in Gwadar City, which along with the completion of requisite  infrastructure projects ,due  for completion during 2021-22,  will position the Gwadar  City to emerge as a major investment  destination.

Eastbay Expressway project which connects  Gwadar  Port with Makran Coastal  Highway  for heavy traffic and will support  the business activities in Free Zone Phase 11, will be completed during  new financial year 2021-22.

The Gwadar Free Zone is a significant initiative  for industrial  development and trans-shipment in the Gwadar City.

Work on  Gwadar International  Airport  is in full swing and is likely to be completed by 2023,

Moreover following six projects  are anticipated to be launched during current financial year 2021-22:

300 Megawatt Gwadar Coal Power Plant

Construction of Breakwater

Dredging of berthing areas and channels

Gwadar Smart Environment Sanitation System and Landfill project for Gwadar

Construction of floating  jetty at Gwadar, and

1.2 MGD (Million Gallons Daily ) Desalination Plant.