Delite Refrigeration: A Legacy of Excellence in Cooling Solutions

Engineering Post in conversation with Mr. Umer Aftab, Director Delite Refrigeration

Since its inception in 1963, Delite Refrigeration has been a pioneering force in the refrigeration industry, catering to the evolving demands of domestic, industrial, and commercial customers. As part of the Delite Group of Companies, Delite Refrigeration has expanded its portfolio to offer a diverse range of products, solidifying its position as a market leader. “We believe in introducing the best products in the industry, ensuring variety in the market to meet the diverse needs of our customers,” said Umer Aftab, Partner at Delite Refrigeration during an exclusive conversation with Engineering Post. “Our commitment to excellence has enabled us to maintain a strong market share of 30-40% in the after sales market.”

Delite Refrigeration’s product range is extensive, featuring top-of-the-line Refrigerant Gasses of all types, Copper Pipes, Copper Fittings, Aluminium Pipes, Evaporators,  Wire Tube Condensers, Driers of all types, Strainers, Valves, Glass Wool Insulation, Thermostats, Capillary tubes, Fan Motors, Axial Fans, Compressors etc.

The company’s strategic partnerships with international brands have further strengthened its position in the market. As the sole representatives of Klea Refrigerant by Mexichem & IUSA Cambridge Lee Copper, Delite Refrigeration utilizes top industry brazing from Italy. Additionally, their collaboration with Afico, a Saudi company renowned for its world-class glass wool Insulation, has enabled them to offer premium copper products at competitive prices. “Our brand is 15% cheaper than others in the market, making us a preferred choice for customers,” Umer Aftab emphasizes.

Delite Refrigeration is also the exclusive distributor for DE.NA. Srl Italy Company filter dryers, further expanding its product offerings. With a legacy spanning over four decades, Delite Refrigeration continues to innovate and adapt to the changing needs of its customers, solidifying its position as a trusted partner in the refrigeration industry.

The company’s history dates back to 1963, when it started as a trading company before venturing into manufacturing. Over the years, Delite Refrigeration has expanded its product range to cater to the growing demands of domestic, industrial, and commercial customers. Today, it offers a comprehensive range of heating, cooling, and spare parts appliances, making it a one-stop solution for customers. “We have come a long way since our inception, and our focus on quality and customer satisfaction has enabled us to build a loyal customer base,” Umer Aftab says. “We are committed to continuing our legacy of excellence and innovation, introducing new products and services to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

Delite Refrigeration’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in its extensive product range, strategic partnerships, and competitive pricing. With a strong market presence and a reputation for excellence, Delite Refrigeration is poised to continue its leadership in the refrigeration industry. The company‚Äôs legacy of excellence spans over four decades, with a commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation. With a diverse product range, strategic partnerships, and competitive pricing, Delite Refrigeration is a trusted partner for customers seeking reliable cooling solutions. As Umer Aftab emphasizes, “Our goal is to provide our customers with the best products and services, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty. We will continue to innovate and expand our portfolio to meet the evolving demands of the market, maintaining our position as a leader in the refrigeration industry.”