Dadocha Dam land being sold by housing authorities

During the recent hearing of a petition by Col (retired) Muhammad Tariq Kamal the Supreme Court bench has been informed that though the construction of the dam is going but the Bahria Town and the DHA authorities are selling the dam’s land.

According to the report filed by Additional Advocate General (AAG) Punjab due to the buying and selling of land in the area and various litigations the construction of Dadocha dam could not be started till now.

The Dadocha Dam was proposed in 2001. The area falls in the jurisdiction of three Tehsils of Rawalpindi district namely, Rawalpindi, Kahuta, and Kallar Syedan. Two new water reservoirs over Ling River and Soan River were planned after realising the population explosion, for which the location of Dadhocha Dam over Ling River was technically evaluated and subsequently, recommended by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

A very narrow gorge and a natural bowl-shaped reservoir is already present at the site, which is ideal for construction of the dam. It was mentioned in the study that site No2 will have a storage capacity of 24,259 acres with 25 million gallons a day of water being supplied to the city.

Up till now Rs1, 173 million has been provided by the Punjab government for acquisition of additional land for Dadhocha Dam but still construction has not been started.