Creative plans for the up gradation of Steel Industry

Dr. Hassan Daud Butt, who has recently completed his tenure as the CEO KP board of investment, has now joined FF steel as an advisor. He recently had a meeting with the General Manager of Lv Xiufeng, a representative of the China Energy International Group and the marketing director of China Gazuba Peter Zhu, in order to provide a reliable solution for growing requirement of residence in Pakistan in accordance with the growing population. He stated “The growing population demands strong infrastructural support and a severe shortage of housing in Pakistan will require massive upgradation of Pakistan’s steel industry where collaboration between Chinese EPC firms and local industry is extremely crucial”.

The firm responsible for overall construction of the Diamer Bhasa Dam had also been invited to the FF steel Factory as a visitor and to show their interest in the steel products provided by the factory to be used in the project works. Dr Hassan also stated that he was very keenly interested in supplying very high quality steel rebars to be used for the project.

Lv Xiufeng put forward a warm welcome for Dr Hassan Daud Butt in the market and highlighted that FF steel will highly benefit from such advisory on a local as well as an international scale keeping in view that Dr Hassan is one of the very few experts who truly understand the conditions and capabilities of this market and it may help bring huge enterprises from both the counties together.

CEO FF steel also whole heartedly welcomed Dr. Hassan on board and stated that he is focused on producing state of the art, high quality product through a very capable and expert team to meet the exact client requirements. FF steel has been the lead producers of Grade -60 steel bars and manufacturers of high quality Grade- 80 bars and has been playing a very key role in stabilizing and enhancing the economics of Pakistan.