CPEC generated 236000 jobs in Pakistan in 10 years 

Engineering Post Report

The game changer under the China’s  Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has quite successfully and appreciatively completed first ten years has entered the second phase and achievements in different sectors in Pakistan under its framework are now being counted  by the official quarters  concerned as the first decade’s celebrations were being organized in Beijing  and Islamabad every now and then.

It is pertinent to mention here that as many as 236000 employment opportunities were created in the first decade of CPEC in Pakistan for the locals and professionals including engineers.

As Pakistan continued to face acute power shortage ,the percentage of the population  having  access to electricity in 18 years had increased only 1.1 ppts. However, a huge quantity of  9740 MW was created in the capacity  by energy sector projects under the  CPEC umbrella raising the ratio to 3.8 ppts  in just four years. CPEC power plants as such are providing  cheaper electricity by utilizing  coal reserves  thus reducing Pakistan’s oil  and gas   bill burden to some extent.

The sources said that inside the Thar Block-1 Integrated Coal Mine Power Project, an open-pit coal mine with an annual  ignite output  of 7.8 million tons and a total capacity of 1320MW , is providing the most  cost-effective energy  to millions of Pakistani households.

An official of Power China HDEC  Engineering Company Limited Pakistan has been reported as assertively stating  his company’s  12 projects in Jhimpir  had so far generated more than  1888.29 GWH  of electricity so far in Gharo.

Pakistani engineers and other officials working on CPEC power projects have spoken highly about working conditions expressing their complete satisfaction and hoping that with the passage of time, these power projects will be making still greater contributions towards solving the prevailing energy shortage crisis and providing comparatively cheaper,  safe  and  trustworthy energy  to all categories of electricity consumers in the country.