Construction of Garo to Keti Bandar road to be initiated within 15 days

Syed Ayaz Ali Shah Sherazi was met by the sub committee of the national assembly standing committee on communications to analyze the situation of construction projects of national highway authority that are ongoing in Balochistan and Sindh. These projects also include Hyderabad motorway and post offices in Sajwal and Darro, Sindh. Members and representatives of the Committee and officials of the ministry attended the meeting.

In the meeting, the construction of Garo to Keti Bandar road was also discussed upon. The parliamentary panel directed the NHA to start the work in the project as soon as possible. NHA had been giving deadlines for the project but no further progress was seen. The NHA officials said that the work was stopped due to an issue regarding funds. According to the contractor, the first bill was supposed to be paid in three installments and an issue of payment was observed. Asim Amin, member NHA said that an assignment account will be opened for every project and funds will be released for that.

The committee representatives pointed out the misstatements given by the NHA officers and asked if the issue should be dealt by the national accountability bureau, but the NHA officials urged the committee to not do so as it can further increase the delay in the project. The committee finalized that the work on this project will be started within 15 days. The committee asked to take an approval of the bridge financing from the NHA executive board during these 15 days.