Composition of boards of power sector companies to be changed

The boards of Power companies are expected to be changed by the federal government to ensure proper representation from public sector institutions in the boards. The board of Power Distribution Companies (Discos), National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) and Generation Companies (Gencos) are expected to be altered in the near future.

This decision to change the composition of existing boards of Discos, NTDC and Gencos was taken at a recent high level meeting meant to fully empower the boards to approve their self-financed projects on the pattern of SSGCL and SNGPL.

Most of the members of existing Boards of Discos and NTDC belong to one or two private sector companies, who were appointed on the recommendations of former SAPM on Power Tabish Gauhar.

ECNEC’s decision which was circulated by MoPD&SI on December 18, 2004 regarding “procedure for approval of self-financed development schemes of autonomous organisation” has not been adopted by Power Division and its executing agencies, i.e., Discos & NTDC until now. For the last 16 years, they have continued processing their projects under self-financed schemes with approval of CDWP/ ECNEC. This new shuffling of boards and increase of public sector representation will ensure that the BoDs of concerned Discos, Gencos and NTDC will be fully empowered to approve their self-financed projects on the pattern of SSGCL and SNGPL, except for projects which require government budgetary support, donors funding and GoP’s guarantee. The concerned BoDs of Discos and NTDC shall be held accountable for their decisions for approval of self-financed projects